Reviews of Online Training

"Excellent course and easily explained. great instructions throughout." | 29/5/2020

"Trainers very helpful" | 28/5/2020

"The trainers are friendly and good at explaining the course at hand" | 27/5/2020

"Excellent and informative course very well delivered by the trainers. I really enjoyed the online experience, something that I have never tried before, I thoroughly recommend it." | 26/5/2020

"The content and quality of the delivery exceeded expectations and it was easy to book online." | 26/5/2020

"Well put together and a very good way of teaching subjects" | 26/5/2020

"very welcoming and honest. Delivery was excellent and trainers know their field very well and have great knowledge and very keen to answer questions and help you in any way they can. I was dreading sitting in front of the computer for 5days but now looking forward to each day" | 07/06/2020

"Great course" | 5/7/2020

"Great refreshing course. some slight glitches which are dealt with very quickly. I would recommend the course and Easycpc." | 21/4/2020

"I have learned a great deal and both of you have been very helpful and patient with everyone all week. I would recommend your company and this course to anyone." | 24/4/2020

"an overall brilliant way of doing this, it helped in a very way being new back to the profession, delivery was excellent and James and John were very helpful and knowledgeable in every way, definitely will look at this in the future as a way of ding this training" | 24/4/2020

"First time doing the CPC online and have to say really impressed. Far more engaging than a classroom. More comfortable and relaxing being at home and you take more from the course." | 24/4/2020